Artificial Turf Maintenance and Cleaning Guide

If you own artificial turf, you know that it is a low-maintenance investment that provides years of beauty and enjoyment. Welcome to choose PETGROW artificial turf. In order to ensure its beauty and extend its service life, the following are some recommended regular maintenance and cleaning methods:

Brush away debris

Regularly use a soft brush or lawn brush to remove surface debris such as leaves, twigs and other debris. This helps prevent debris from accumulating in the turf and ensures good drainage.

Regular cleaning

Using soft water and a mild detergent, rinse the artificial turf surface regularly to remove stains, dirt, and other surface grime. This ensures that the turf remains fresh and shiny.

Prevent stains

Immediately remove any stains such as oil, drinks or pet urine. Use neutral detergents and avoid those containing bleach or strong acid and alkali ingredients.

Regular weeding

Regularly check your artificial turf for weeds or weed growth and remove them promptly to maintain a consistent overall appearance.

Consider pest control treatments

If necessary, consider regular insect control treatments to prevent insects from breeding in your turf and causing potential damage.

Avoid sharp objects

Avoid using sharp objects on artificial turf to avoid scratching the surface. Make sure there are protective pads on the bottom of furniture, sports equipment, etc. to reduce potential damage.

Groom the grass regularly

Use a professional lawn combing tool to comb the grass regularly to maintain the vertical state of the turf fibers and ensure that the artificial grass looks better.

Snow season treatment

During the snow season, avoid using salt-containing chemicals and choose specially designed salt-free snow removers to avoid unnecessary damage to artificial turf.

Following these tips will ensure that your artificial turf stays nice and clean for a long time and extends its lifespan. If you have additional questions or need more details, please feel free to ask our professional team.