Challenges and Solutions: Pigeon problem under artificial turf on balcony.

  With people's pursuit of beauty and convenience, more and more people are choosing to install artificial turf on their balconies. However, some residents are facing a vexing problem - pigeons frequenting their balconies. This article will explore this problem from three aspects: current situation, causes and solutions, and provide you with some suggestions to better enjoy the beauty of artificial turf.

Status Quo

  While pursuing greening, many families have installed artificial turf on their balconies, hoping to create a comfortable and beautiful outdoor space. However, some residents have discovered that pigeons seem to have a special liking for their balconies and frequent visits, causing considerable trouble in cleaning and maintenance work.

Cause Analysis

  Warm and Comfortable Environment: Pigeons like to find warm and cozy places, and artificial turf tends to remain a warmer surface when exposed to sun exposure, attracting pigeons to roost.

  Foraging for food: Artificial turf surfaces may attract some insects, and pigeons often prefer such sites when foraging for food.

A safe haven: no predators

  Pigeons have a strong sense of smell. This sense of smell not only manifests itself in sensitivity to the residue of things, but also attracts them when there is no danger around your home. So, if you have done everything you can and the pigeons still keep coming back, it is because they feel safe in your environment.


  Use bird deterrent devices: Installing some devices specifically designed to repel birds, such as bird deterrent spikes, bird deterrent nets, etc., can effectively reduce the desire of pigeons to stay on artificial turf.

Keep it Clean

  Clean your artificial turf surface regularly, especially to remove debris that may attract insects. This reduces the pigeons' motivation to search for food.

Set up pigeon obstacles

  Install some obstacles, such as fine netting, geometric objects, etc., on the edge  of the balcony or artificial turf to prevent pigeons from landing and walking easily.

Use smell to drive away

  Use some smells that have a deterrent effect on pigeons, such as orange peel, chili powder, etc., placed near the balcony, which can effectively drive away pigeons.

Professional services

  If the problem is more serious, you may consider hiring a professional bird control service. They can usually provide more professional solutions to ensure that pigeons no longer visit frequently.

  While enjoying the beauty brought by artificial turf, we also have to face some possible challenges, and the pigeon problem is one of them. By taking some simple yet effective measures, we can reduce pigeon interference and create a more livable outdoor space without affecting the beauty and functionality of artificial turf. Hopefully these tips will help you solve this problem and make artificial turf on your balcony more pleasant.