How to choose a suitable PETGROW artificial turf?

  Installing artificial turf is obviously much simpler than the tedious care of natural turf. The truth is, successful and satisfying artificial turf doesn’t just appear in a vacuum. Before you decide to replace your yard with artificial turf, you'll need to invest time, money, and research into preparation.

  This blog will help you choose the right artificial turf for your specific needs in as much detail as possible.

  If there is anything missing, please feel free to contact us!

  The lawn you choose can determine the success or failure of your artificial turf in the long run.

Facial weight

  The surface weight of artificial turf directly affects its density and overall appearance. Face weight is the amount of material per square yard and does not include the weight of the backing. Heavy face weight means superior quality and durability. Prices usually increase as the weight of the product increases, so make sure you choose one that fits your budget and needs.

  If you're looking for a lawn that won't squash, choose an artificial turf product with a higher surface weight. This will make the lawn feel and look lusher and resist heavy foot traffic.


  The height referred to here is the length of the artificial grass blades. If you need to use fake grass on a sports field, dog run, or other high traffic area, please look for shorter haystack heights, our 0.4, 0.48, 0.7, 0.78 inch turf is available for you to choose from.

  If you need to create a luxurious, realistic look for your yard, we recommend choosing artificial turf with longer turf blades. For example, our 1.38 inch artificial grass, 1.58 inch artificial turf.

  It should be noted that the price usually increases with the increase of product weight and blade length. At the same blade length, denser turf requires a higher price. For example, our two 1.38-inch turfs vary in density - so make sure you choose the product that suits your budget and needs.


  Like natural grass, artificial grass comes in a variety of colors and combinations to reflect the appearance of real grass. Our artificial turf is as shown in the pictures, choose the color closest to the natural grass species in your area.

  We currently have 9 artificial turf for sale in various weights, pile heights and colours. Below we introduce our suggestions for different usage scenarios.

The best fake grass for the yard

One of the most common applications for artificial turf is in the backyard.When looking for the best artificial grass for your lawn, key features are high surface weight and long stake height to ensure a soft ground cover that can withstand moderate to heavy foot traffic.

Artificial grass for roofs, decks and patios

  If your downtown apartment, deck or patio needs a little greenery, artificial turf is a great way to do it.

  Because it is installed on concrete or other hard surfaces, the best fake grass for patios should have a fully permeable backing to allow drainage and deter mold growth.

  Since a small deck or patio doesn't get as much foot traffic as a yard, you can choose a shorter stake height.

Golf artificial turf

  When you prepare your golf course, make sure there are no rocks, bumps, uneven areas or debris as these can affect your golf game.

Artificial turf for dogs

  Dogs are people's best friends. People have never ignored the feelings of dogs in order to make them play happily. In recent years, fake grass for dogs has become increasingly popular.

  We recommend choosing artificial turf that is more permeable to allow pet urine to pass through. At the same time, the service life of artificial turf is also guaranteed.

The best artificial turf for playgrounds

  The fully penetrating backing is ideal for playground lawns. The last thing you need in a children's play area is standing water, which presents a number of potential hazards.

  Better density is necessary in order to be durable enough to withstand constant foot traffic. Note, please prepare the site completely and keep the ground flat.

Get samples

  They say seeing is believing, and that’s true when it comes to synthetic grass. If you're having trouble choosing the right artificial turf, contact us to request a free sample so you can more visually select your top choice before taking the first step.