How to Install petgrow Artificial Grass?

  Artificial grass is growing in popularity with homeowners as a low-maintenance alternative to grass. However, some are still hesitant because they think it's too expensive. Maybe we can help you save a considerable amount of money, we can choose to lay artificial turf by ourselves, and then introduce how to install petgrow artificial turf.

measure your garden

  We provide custom service in any size. When ordering artificial grass, you just need to choose the right length and width. Make sure you get it right, otherwise this could be a costly mistake. Make sure to leave some extra length as you may lose some when pruning.

  Quick tip: Don't forget to order the tools, although you may already own some, which can be found in our previous blog.

remove existing site

  Before you can do anything, you need to remove the existing real grass from the garden. We recommend a cutting depth between 40mm and 50mm. If you have a large garden, you can save yourself a lot of work by hiring a lawn cutter. If you're only doing a small area, you can do it manually with a shovel.

laying and compacting sand

  You should aim for about 10/15mm of sand spread for best results. You then need to compact the sand to provide the smoothest possible surface. Your sand should be level with the top of the edge of the wood you've inserted around the perimeter.

Laying weed film

  Next, you'll want to lay down the weed membrane, which will prevent any seeds from escaping through the holes that were pre-punched at manufacture to allow water to drain. You should overlap the seams by at least 100mm and fasten to the timber edges.

laying lawn

  Now that you've done all the prep work, you can lay the grass. Cut the grass to size, making sure you have a sharp knife to do this. If using multiple pieces, make sure the stakes on all pieces are facing the same direction. For best results visually, we recommend always placing the stakes towards the house so that when you look from the house you see the stakes.

join the artificial grass

  So you've laid out the grass, now you need to add the seams. You can find special glue and seam tape for artificial turf at any convenience store.

repair edge

  Now that the seams are attached, you need to secure the artificial grass to the perimeter of the wood around the edges. We recommend that you overlap the grass around the lace by 50mm and fasten to the sides, and for perimeter edges flush with a channel or fence, you fasten directly to them.

  You've just installed your perfect new artificial turf that will require little to no costly maintenance for years to come.