Artificial grass ideas for backyard

  Are you tired of mowing grass in your small backyard? Trying to avoid all obstacles while keeping your lawn in perfect condition?

  Well, thanks to modern technology, fake lawns look more real than ever. They are inexpensive and maintenance-free.

  Best Small Backyard Lawn Ideas. Make your small backyard green and inviting year-round with the best small backyard lawn ideas and designs. Turn your outdoor space into an oasis of relaxation and tranquility. 

  You may have never considered adding artificial turf or artificial grass to your landscape. Rolls of artificial grass cost less than laying real turf and require far less maintenance.

  The easiest and cheapest way to secure artificial grass to the ground is to use nails. Yes, easy nails! If you want your turf to stay stable, you need Garden Staples U-Type Turf Staples

Hide yard imperfections

  A fake lawn can hide many landscaping flaws. This area could be a part of the grass that doesn't grow well, or it could be part of a large fountain that has been filled.

  Avoid Brown Patch in Small Yards

  In small yards where brown spots, discoloration and bare patches are more noticeable in your yard due to pets, reseeding is a waste. Do not worry. We have rolls of artificial turf suitable for pets.