Artificial turf is good for outdoor activities of the elderly

Use lawns to create a safe space for all ages

People of all ages can enjoy a beautiful, safe, long-lasting artificial turf backyard. Interested in designing a more accessible lawn for you, your loved ones or your facility?

Artificial turf can benefit many different types of people. We talked about being child-friendly earlier. Today we’ll talk about the conveniences it brings to the elderly.

But why is artificial turf so effective for seniors? Well, we’re glad you asked because we at Great Grass are here to help you figure it out.

Easy to care for 

To be fair, natural lawns require a lot of maintenance, which not only costs a lot of money, but also places high demands on your body and energy. Obviously, this is almost impossible for many pensioners, whose bodies are also unable to withstand the long hours of mowing and watering. Artificial grass offers the opportunity to get out of trouble because it requires no mowing, no weeding, and almost no extra effort to keep your yard green year round!


For seniors with pets, using natural lawns can become a real nightmare. Dogs inevitably need some space to express their nature and release their excess energy. But if your garden is natural turf, dogs are bound to bring mud all over themselves and roll on the freshly cleaned carpet. And if the dog’s activities are restricted, the dog is likely to get sick. Artificial turf does not contain any dirt, so you can rest assured that your pet won’t be covered in mud when they come back indoors!


No one likes to spend long periods of time in a messy or unattended garden, and our artificial turf gives a garden a new look that's absolutely aesthetically appealing. Living in such an environment, you can definitely maintain a happy mood.

Choosing to install some artificial grass in your own back garden is not without its benefits. We're here to provide you with the perfect, fresh, green lawn you've always dreamed of. If you're interested in our products, feel free to give us a call!