Is fake grass flammable?

Artificial grass can be installed in a variety of environments. It is used especially for events. This comfortable, realistic, durable and easy-to-install floor allows you to create a green area quickly and easily. Enhance your layout with artificial turf.

Many people have doubts; artificial turf does not have a certain degree of humidity like real grass, in case artificial grass turf faces a fire - what to do?
First, the good news: artificial grass is not flammable!

Even if burning embers fly out of your fire pit and land on your lawn, it won't catch fire and the fire won't spread. bad news? It will melt a bit of your artificial turf and ruin the look of your grass.

Since fire-resistant artificial grass can melt, it's also important to keep grills, fire pits, and other fire-resistant features a safe distance from the lawn to avoid damage. It's also a good idea to avoid smoking on synthetic turf.

Prevention is always best, but that's no excuse for not being prepared for the worst. Time is life, and if you act fast enough, you can save your lawn.

A bucket of water or some sand can help stop those flames from burning your synthetic lawn. In this case, a dry chemical fire extinguisher will also prove invaluable.

Beyond that, fake grass can be repaired if one or more areas of your lawn melt or catch fire. If the damage is severe, the entire lawn may need to be replaced.