How to Attract Birds to Your Yard With Artificial Grass

  Do you yearn for a yard full of birds and flowers, is that why you choose natural lawns? This is the surprise that real grass brings us, but obviously, real grass also brings relatively expensive care, water and other costs.

  But having artificial turf doesn't mean you can't encourage birds into your back garden! Perhaps think of something that will meet the needs of your garden birds year-round and will create a busy garden full of wildlife.

Feed your Flock

  The quickest and easiest way to attract birds to your garden is to provide food and water.

  During the colder fall and winter months, offer foods high in fat to supplement the birds' diet and help them survive the cold weather. Try to get food and water out in the morning and early afternoon. Please keep regular and stick to it, these little friends will naturally be more willing to come to your garden.

  During the spring breeding season, birds need high-protein foods more, and the food of birds can have a great impact on the survival of young birds.

Do you have a desire to attract a certain kind?

  Birds can be picky eaters, and to specify which birds you want to attract to your garden, you need to choose the right foods.

  Common smaller seeds, such as millet, will primarily attract house sparrows, finches, and collared pigeons. Although the wheat and barley grains usually included in seed mixes are only really good for pigeons and doves. Avoid seed mixes containing peas, beans, dried rice, or lentils, as only large birds like pigeons will eat these.

  Avoid buying anything coated in salt, sugar, or added flavorings, as these are actually poisonous to more than just birds.

  Small tip: Keep feeders away from your house to minimize the risk of birds hitting windows and lessen the chance of house movement scaring them away!

  A dense hedge can provide a permanent home for some small birds. Surround your artificial lawn with shrubs, hedges, and larger shrubs, and say hello to the wildlife that thrives in your own garden.