The benefits of artificial turf for allergy sufferers

  The garden is often an important place in the home, especially in summer.

  Outdoor activities help children stay healthy. Taking the kids out to the garden is a great way to get them away from their tablets and phones and get some fresh air. With statistics showing childhood obesity rates are on the rise, keeping kids active is extremely important.

  Whether playing football, riding a bike, or just playing catch, taking the kids out to play in the garden can do wonders to burn off excess energy in kids. It's also great for parents, as playing in the garden is a great way to spend precious family time.

  But all these activities can have a negative impact on garden lawns. Overuse often leaves a lawn worn out and messy. It just happened to rain again? These dry and messy things will quickly turn into mud puddles, which will be unusable for several days, and everyone will be forced to stay at home.

  With artificial turf, these problems may become a thing of the past. Now more and more families choose to lay artificial turf in the garden, so what are the benefits of artificial turf?

Artificial grass is completely free of allergens

  This is great news for the many families of allergy sufferers.According to the Center for Allergy Research, the number of people with allergies is increasing every year.

  Allergic rhinitis, or more commonly hay fever, can be caused by pollen released by lawn grasses. Hay fever makes many sufferers dread spring and early summer. Common symptoms include watery eyes, runny nose, and constant sneezing. Allergies can be very frustrating at that time of year when families are supposed to be out and about enjoying the nice weather together.

  So one of the main benefits of having artificial turf in your garden is that it can help reduce the symptoms of hay fever. Swapping real lawn for fake can keep hay fever sufferers completely free from allergy symptoms during the warmer months, allowing them to enjoy time in the garden.

No mud and mess

  Another great advantage of artificial turf is that playing on a garden lawn no longer means mud and mess. Gone are the days of kids or pets tracking muddy footprints into the house.

  Facing the real lawn, we had to stay inside the house until its dirt dried up. But with fake grass, rainwater is completely permeable. The fake grass's latex backing has holes that allow water to drain quickly through the plastic turf, preventing puddles from forming. The best artificial grass can handle 52 liters of water per minute per square meter, which is more than enough to handle the most violent downpours. This is a great advantage not only in summer but also in winter. Artificial turf allows football games to go on despite inclement weather and, thankfully, without worrying about mud and mess.

Safer home environment

  In addition to being free from dust and allergens, artificial turf also makes the garden a safer home environment because it is non-slip, soft and skin-friendly.
If your garden has climbing frames or slides, or anything else that might allow children to fall from heights, you can also install artificial grass foam pads under your fake lawn to protect them from injury. The artificial turf supports are laid on foam pads.

Low maintenance

  In life, long hours of work, social and family chores take up a lot of our daily lives. We spend less and less time with our families. However, we spend more time with our families, which is very important.

  Artificial turf can help families achieve this, as it drastically reduces the time spent maintaining the garden. You no longer need to spend an entire weekend on a lawn mower. Artificial grass never needs mowing. Even after 10 years, it still looks as good as when you bought it. Effortless and will save you more time with your family.

  Of course, while artificial grass lawn is low-maintenance, it is not maintenance-free. To learn how to maintain a fake lawn, see our previous article "How to Maintain a Fake Lawn".

No harmful chemicals

  Caring for a real lawn is a daunting task in itself. Unfortunately, regular watering and mowing may still not be enough to keep it healthy. You may also need to use chemicals like fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides throughout the process. These chemicals are not only harmful to the environment, but also to your health.

  However, artificial grass is completely free of toxic chemicals. This also greatly reduces the risk of allergies. You can install it anywhere in your garden, including around trees, flowers and flagstones.

Green all year round

  Regardless of rain, drought, waterlogging, spring, summer, autumn, winter, artificial turf for lawns is always green.

  After years of development, the quality of artificial grass is now at its peak, and you may still be surprised how it can look so realistic. It stays put no matter the weather or setting, illuminating even the bleakest hidden garden.

Great for garden games

  Children love the feeling of playing on the artificial turf, just like football players. They will usually play on the lawn for hours, but don't worry, the artificial turf still looks like new with no signs of wear.

  Artificial grass is an excellent investment for families as it allows them to spend more time outdoors, which is definitely valuable in today's increasingly busy and stressful lifestyles.