What Should I Do when My Artificial Grass is Old

Don't just drag your artificial grass to the dump!
The last thing anyone wants to do these days is clog our landfills with unnecessary waste. Thankfully, artificial turf is 100% recyclable. This wasn't always the case, but recyclers are now able to effectively separate the fill material from the polymeric plastic used to make the blades and backings. Once the turf is cleaned and processed, it can be made into anything from tote bags and T-shirts to (ironically) topdressing for natural grass.

breathe new life into that grass

Sometimes municipalities and organizations prefer to use cheaper "used" turf that is still in good condition for batting cage pads or other low impact areas. For such uses, the lawn is cleaned and disinfected before being reinstalled elsewhere.

You may want to stick to some of these yourself. You can use artificial grass for a wide range of creative activities - both functional and just plain fun, indoors or out. Repurposing artificial grass for outdoor use complements your other efforts to promote sustainability, such as using recycled and "found" treasures in your landscape.

Even if you can't think of a way to use old turf, it could be just what someone else needs for their daughter's new playhouse, or their dog's new outdoor kennel, or to tackle any limitless problem. Which artificial turf is ideal for DIY and craft projects.

buy new artificial grass

Replacing an old lawn is like upgrading your home with repainting or replacing the roof. You can replace the lawn with the exact same configuration, or transform your yard by changing the size or shape of the lawn. Artificial turf makes this easy because you don't have to consider the limitations of natural turf issues such as ease of mowing or dense shade.

You'll be impressed by how much fake grass has changed since you bought your first artificial grass lawn. Synthetic grass is tougher and more durable than ever before, and it's also more beautiful and realistic. It even comes in shades of green. Wow!

Special artificial turf

That means now is also a good time to consider how artificial turf can improve your outdoor environment in other ways. PETGROW provides artificial turf for children's play areas that reduce the risk of injury from falls. We provide artificial grass for dog owners. We have several types of turf designed specifically for backyard putting greens and bocce courts.