What to do with Old Artificial Turf?

  How old is your artificial turf? Does it start to look less new and level. Generally speaking, the lifespan of high-quality artificial turf is 10-15 years. After years of exposure to the elements, they began to fade, fray and separate at the seams. If something similar has happened to your turf, be prepared to buy some new turf.

  So what do you do with old artificial turf? We would like to offer some options.

Please don't take it to the dump

  If you plan to remove old artificial grass, don't take it to the dump. Most artificial turf is recyclable, and while that's not always the case, recyclers can separate the fill material from the polymeric plastic used to make the backing and blades.
Once the old turf is professionally cleaned and finished, it can be used for everything from t-shirt tote bags and more.

Donate your old sod

  In some areas, used artificial turf that is still in good condition is used for batting cages or other areas. You can donate your lawn or even sell it to these organizations that will clean and sanitize it, allowing your turf to be reused.
Start Shopping for a New Artificial Turf

  Replacing an old lawn can give your home a new look, just like replacing your roof or repainting your exterior. You can choose to replace your lawn exactly as it is, or give it some remodel by changing its shape or size.
Today's synthetic grass is bound to be more durable and tougher than the turf you used last time. It's also more realistic and prettier. You can even buy it in various shades of green.

Choose Professional Disposal

  If you don't plan to keep any artificial turf, you can have a professional haul it for you. Sometimes the company where you bought your new lawn handles this. In most cases it will be included in the installation price.

  If you're ready to say "out with the old, in with the new" for your artificial turf, it's important to keep the above information in mind. In the end, buying and installing new artificial turf is a smart investment.