Will artificial grass fade in the sun?

  Artificial turf stays green all year round and looks great even in bad weather, which is why many people choose it. Some homeowners may be concerned about whether it will fade or stain over time before considering purchasing artificial turf. Clearly, this concern is understandable, but our conclusion is that synthetic turf is a very durable product that does not fade easily.

  There are two main reasons why artificial turf is less prone to staining and fading.

  Manufacturing Material

  Artificial turf is primarily made of nylon and polyurethane, but other materials are included in its manufacturing mix to increase its durability.

Sun Protection

  The artificial grass is blended with UV stabilizers to prevent the product from fading.

Faded Reality

  As the product ages, there will be some slight fading, which is an objective existence. It may experience very subtle color changes (1-2%) every year, but such changes are almost negligible. High-quality artificial turf has at least Ten years of life. It can withstand extreme weather, although the type of weather it is exposed to may cause fading.

  NOTE: Some things can damage your artificial turf. Corrosive chemicals like battery acid can damage it along with other petroleum-based chemicals. These types of chemicals are recommended to be kept away from your artificial grass. Also, chemicals like bleach and certain household cleaners can damage artificial turf.

What you can do to protect your lawn

  The only thing to do once in a while is rinse it off. While artificial grass does not require watering like natural grass, it does require rinsing to prevent staining and fading. This is especially true if you live in an extremely hot, dusty environment. An occasional rinse will remove dirt and keep your grass looking fresh.

  Considering its durability and low maintenance costs, synthetic turf remains a solid choice for improving landscaping. It will look great for years and save you on maintenance costs in the long run.