Does synthetic lawn attract bugs?

  A question often asked by those considering installing artificial turf is whether it is susceptible to bugs. Thankfully, the answer is no. Artificial turf does an excellent job of repelling mosquitoes, weeds, and various other pests. But what exactly is it about synthetic grass that allows it to avoid pests?

Natural Grass and Pests
  Natural lawns tend to attract certain bugs and insects such as ticks, mosquitos and fleas. These pests can ruin any outdoor activity you take part in, and can even cause serious illness in those who come into contact with them. Because of the danger they present, many people go to great lengths to get rid of these pests. Homeowners often spend a lot of money on different pest control chemicals and products. That's why lawns are a better option for those who are tired of dealing with pests and insects. Why pay big bucks for pesticide chemicals and products when you can switch to synthetic grass.

How Artificial turf Deters Pests
  Artificial turf deters pest infestation because it does not have easy access to the water and organic matter normally present in the soil. Bugs such as insects and mosquitoes thrive in environments where water is present. However, since synthetic grass does not require watering to maintain its stunning lush appearance, pests cannot gather and reproduce. Additionally, many artificial turf have excellent drainage systems that allow water to pass through and prevent spores and bacteria from building up.

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